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While I worked for Casper Care Solutions, they always had a written plan, they had always gone into the homes to make sure what kind of help was needed, they do care about their clients. Reading all these smart assed comments makes me realize how low some folks will go when they don't get their paychecks.

I can say that in each home I worked that the social worker and the R.N or LPN in charge had already came in. While I worked there I was paid, it was the same girls with each client.

This company is a very good company. I'd highly recommend them.

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Casper, Wyoming, United States #1024545

They must of gave you a good *** reference,so what people write stuff because they didn't get their pay checks!!!! Who want to work for free,I use to work for them and it's sad how stuff is ran they still had me on their payroll and I hadn't worked for them people in two months.the problem is folks don't work for free ms Lpn you just go in to see how sick they are to admit them not so much of hands on Casper care solutions sucks

Dallas, Texas, United States #997421

dont know who paid you to write this but this company sucks, they are unorganinzed understaffed only work for the wealthy and seek them out. Go into homes, have a care plan? you call a black book on the counter a care plan???a black book full of *** and gossipy drama, nothing about the client only complaints about the other rotten caretakers and thier xanax and filthiness????this had to be written by a really *** or highly paid employee stay away from these people your loved ones are in better hands at the salvation army

to Amber Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States #998201

yeppers this company is unorganized lazy not motivated until money is involved. it is understaffed under trained idiots who took care of my mom and looking at that black book on the counter was nothing more than gossip and *** about each other and the management, not being paid, eating my food

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